With more than 25 years of experience in plant genetics and molecular biology, Thomas Brutnell serves as the vice president of Gateway Biotechnology, a St. Louis-based startup focused on preventing noise-induced hearing loss. In this capacity, Thomas Brutnell applies his expertise in plant genetics to the development of nutraceuticals and food supplements designed to treat hearing disorders.

Recently, Dr. Brutnell contributed to Gateway Biotechnology’s selection for the MassChallenge Boston-based start-up accelerator program. Offering mentoring, coworking, and networking opportunities, MassChallenge has accelerator locations around the world. Dr. Brutnell’s company was among the 9 percent of applicants chosen for the accelerator program, making it eligible to compete for over $1 million in cash prizes. Gateway Biotechnology and Dr. Brutnell hope that participation in the program will provide the opportunity to connect with future venture investors.

In addition to his role with Gateway Biotechnology, Dr. Brutnell is the founder of Viridis Genomics Consulting. He focuses on discovering new ways to engineer higher crop yields while increasing sustainability through a reduction in the amount of nitrogen and water needed.


Thomas Brutnell